Edison LED Lighting


About Us

The company’s successful progress lies in the excellent knowledge of lighting technology.

Edison Led Lighting today offers not only innovative luminaires for indoor and outdoor applications but also perfectly matching lighting solutions for all requirements. LED technology has long become standard. It outperforms nearly all conventional light sources in terms of service life, energy efficiency and luminous efficiency and has thus become indispensable for indoor and outdoor applications. However, only the combination of light source, optic, control system and housing enables optimal solutions for customers.

Our powerful LED Lighting range not only illuminates your facilities and comfortably, but also features an outstanding efficiency of more than 130 lm/W. Edison Led lighting for Retail segment is the right choice with its special light spectrum it illuminates shops in an inviting way and accentuates goods.

We live up to one of the main future topics in the European lighting sector – Human Centric Lighting – with specially developed light solutions, which consider the effect of light on people and focus on human well-being.

No matter which LED lighting you favor, at Edison Led Lighting we make our customers task most simple and safest way to customized, energy-efficient and sustainable light solutions. To guarantee this, we rely on a wide portfolio of products and technologies as well as powerful partners within our lighting products.