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LED Track Lights

LED Track Lights

Track lighting was born out of a need to illuminate a specific area of a home, office, or business. To put it simply, track lighting is attached to a railing system and can be changed to fit your specific lighting needs. Track lighting can be set on the ceiling or on the wall depending on your lighting need. The strength and durability of beams, rafters, and joints under the load of the lights is an important factor to consider during selection. Even though track lighting fixtures have been used in theatres for decades, they are becoming useful and acceptable in your home or office.

Our track lights have the following benefits

  • Versatility
  • Aesthetics
  • Highlight features of your home
  • Space saver
  • Movability

Where LED track light work best

If you want to replace outdated ceiling lights without rewiring the whole house, track lighting is a great option. With high ceilings, track lighting is an excellent option since it looks great even when it is suspended from the ceiling.


When ceiling-mounted light fixtures are used to illuminate corridors which are often long and narrow, using track lights can increase visibility.

Decorative Walls for a Bedroom

The use of track lighting in a bedroom is not obvious, yet it works.

Take on a Curvier Appearance

Straight lines and parallel forms aren’t the only things track lighting is about, but they are essential.

Lights with a purpose

It doesn’t matter how dazzling your lighting fixtures are if you have a work area that needs much light but only has one or two of them.


Even though this is the most prominent architectural feature, there is no requirement for tracks to be strung from the ceilings.

Different styles of LED track light

Here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for LED track lights.

1. Step Head

The most common sort of track head is a step head. The simplicity and clarity of this fixture’s design set it apart. Whatever the track, it’ll do the job.

2. Round Back Head

A round back head resembles a step ahead in terms of appearance. It’s not all or nothing when it comes to design.

3. Pinhole Head

Step heads and round back heads have the same fundamental form as pinhole heads. However, a portion of the back is visible.

4. Gimbal Head

On the set of a movie, a gimbal head would appear. This movie camera-inspired head can rotate 360 degrees.

5. Pendant

When it comes to appearance, most track heads have an industrial feel to them. Pendants are a good option for those looking for something a little fancier.

How to Choose best track light

To configure a track lighting system, there are four things to consider:

Track Type

Line voltage or low voltage, single or double circuit, flexible or straight, and varied lengths are some of the options available in a track lighting system.

Layout and Components

Single-circuit or two-circuit versions, with or without a servo motor, are available in standard straight track or flexible track systems.


There are a few things to keep in mind while deciding on lighting fixtures for a track system. It’s vital that the fixtures you choose work with the system’s track standard.


Accessories are available for most track fixtures and may be used to customize them for various applications


Track lighting is versatile to install. It can be mounted on the ceiling or walls, allowing flexibility in positioning. Track heads can be easily adjusted along the track to direct light where needed. Whether surface-mounted or suspended, track lighting adapts to different spaces, providing adjustable and stylish illumination.

No, track lighting is generally not suitable for outdoor use. Outdoor conditions like moisture, temperature variations, and exposure to elements can damage track lighting systems. For outdoor lighting needs, consider fixtures specifically designed and rated for outdoor use to ensure durability and safe performance in different weather conditions.

Track lights can be pricier due to quality materials, customizable features, and advanced technology like adjustable heads and dimming options. Precision engineering for flexibility and durability also adds to the cost. While the initial investment may be higher, the adaptability and longevity make track lights a valuable and efficient lighting solution.

A typical LED track light consumes around 7 to 20 watts, providing bright and energy-efficient illumination. Compared to traditional lighting, LED track lights use significantly less power, reducing energy bills and environmental impact. Their low power consumption and longevity make them an eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting choice.